Your Pasta© is a Brooklyn-based small business committed to nourishing our Earth. We shop local, sourcing from North American farms in an effort to lower the carbon footprint of pasta production. Our package, even our ink, is made from low-impact materials. Your Pasta© donates to local organizations to champion food equity issues in our community. We do the right thing so you can focus on enjoying Your Pasta©.

What Sets Us Apart

Your Pasta© trusts in the tradition of the Italian Pastaio. We elevate the finest semolina flour, using organic durum wheat to showcase artisanal flavors and textures. Slowly dried in small batches after being extruded through a bronze die, your favorite sauce will better marry with Your Pasta©.

Your Pasta is made using no additives and only 2 ingredients:

organic semolina flour & filtered water.

Shelf Stable · No Additives · Vegan

  • News!

    Your Pasta was at @popup.grocer's first permanent flagship store in NYC!

  • Doing Business for Good

    Your Pasta has an ongoing partnership with New York City's Black Chef Movement.

    Click below to read more about the work we're doing together and other ways we try to do business for good.

  • YP Sustainable Packaging

    Your package was consciously made using low impact materials, printed with soy based ink on FSC certified paper. It is a completely PLASTIC FREE BAG with a translucent window made out of sylvicta paper. Sylvicta paper is sourced from PEFC certified wood pulp. It is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable - making your entire bag 100% recyclable.

    To our knowledge, YP is the first windowed pasta package that uses zero plastic. We took our time in creating the packaging to ensure that we were making something low impact.