About Your Pasta

Your Pasta© is a Brooklyn-based small business committed to nourishing our Earth. We shop local, sourcing from North American farms in an effort to lower the carbon footprint of pasta production. Our package, even our ink, is made from low-impact materials. Your Pasta© donates to local organizations to champion food equity issues in our community. We do the right thing so you can focus on enjoying Your Pasta©.

Hi Your Pasta Fam!

A little more about us - We met in 2012 working in the hospitality industry together. We both have a history of working in restaurants, bars and the food industry all over New York City. Food to us has always been a source of joy, comfort and love.

When March of 2020 hit, our life goal of opening a restaurant together felt impossible, as the world was shutting down. For the first time in our history, every restaurant, business and school was closed and we were getting ready to welcome our first child into a global pandemic.

While Alisha did remote learning all day, David spent his hours in the kitchen making comfort meals, which included a lot of pasta. During a time of such uncertainty, pasta was one of the few things that brought joy and comfort to us. We wanted to create this nourishment and love for you, to cook in your kitchens, to enjoy with your friends and family.

Made With Love,

Alisha & Dave